Sylvester Costume

If you’re thinking of wearing a Bugs Bunny costume to your next fancy dress party, or you have a friend who’s going as Bugs Bunny or another Looney Tunes character then why not go with a joint theme and go dressed in a Sylvester Cat costume.

Sylvester Cat has been around since 1945, he’s the well known cat with a speech impediment who’s appeared along side such characters as Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and others, just to name a few.

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Sylvester CostumeSylvester the Cat Adult Costume

There aren’t that many Sylvester the Cat costumes available to buy these days, they are still very popular though and different styles for different ages and sizes are now being made. The costume shown below is the Sylvester the Cat deluxe adult costume and retails at just under $50. This is the perfect costume for those adults who haven’t quite grown up and are looking for something fun to go dressed in when they go to their next party, albeit for Halloween or some other fancy dress occasion.

This Sylvester the Cat Adult Costume is an official Disney product which is quality made for adults in a one-size fits all size.

The costume is in an all-in-one jumpsuit style which looks just like Sylvester the Cat. The costume has his black fir, his big red nose and black ears and it also has his cheeky little eyes. All you’ll need to do is add your own pair of shoes to the costume and make sure that you’ve got his speech impediment right.

Looney Tunes Couples Costume Idea

If you’re thinking of going dressed in a Sylvester costume and you’re not going alone then surely you can’t have Sylvester without having Tweety Bird. So here’s an idea, get your girlfriend or wife to dress up in a Tweety costume and you can dress in a Sylvester costume. Then you’ll be able to chase her around all night long.

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