Daffy Duck Costume

Daffy Duck is the lovable animated duck character from Disney who’s been appearing on our screens now since around 1937 and in that time the character has not really changed that much. Daffy Duck has made appearances with many other cartoon characters including Porky Pig, however Daffy Duck’s most appearances were seen with Speedy Gonzalez.

If you’re going to a fancy dress party this year and you want something a little bit different from the “norm” then why not try out some kind of Looney Tunes theme and go dressed in a Disney’s Daffy Duck costume.

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Daffy Duck CostumeDaffy Duck Adult Costume

The costume you can see in the image to the left is a Daffy Duck supreme edition costume which means it’s basically better than most of the other Daffy Duck costumes out there on the market.

The costume is designed with an all-in-one black body suit which fits from head to toe. The body suit joins onto the head of the Daffy Duck costume to reveal a sturdy and authentic looking Daffy Duck character mask which has the large orange beak and large white eyes. The costume also comes complete with the large over sized shoe covers which look just like Daffy Duck’s feet.

This costume, although a little expensive, is an officially licensed Disney product, furthermore it’s one of the highest quality Daffy Duck costumes that we’ve probably every seen so well worth the money.

The costume is available in a one-size-fits all size so there’s no need to worry about measuring yourself up for this one.

Daffy Duck Couples Costume Idea

If you’re going to be going to your next fancy dress party with friend or even a partner, then why not join forces and get a Looney Tunes couples costume. This would involve one of you getting the Daffy Duck costume and the other buying something like a Bugs Bunny costume, Tweety Bird costume or Sylvester Costume. You would then arrive at your fancy dress party in Lonney Tunes outfits looking like the funky Disney duo.

Toddler Daffy Duck Costumes

For toddlers you can visit here for
a daffy duck costume.

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