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If you are looking to get your hands on a simple but fun Bugs Bunny Costume then it’s really not as hard as you may first think. This Halloween you can look great and stand out from the crowd with a fantastic looking Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny Costume.

Bugs Bunny CostumeAt they have some awesome deals and rock bottom prices on all manner of Adults, Kids and Toddler Halloween bunny costumes. As well as costumes you can also find some cheap bugs bunny masks if you are shopping on more of a budget and don’t want to buy a full Bugs Bunny costume.

For adults this adult bugs bunny costume is top quality at an affordable price compared to nearly all deals out there on the Internet. This particular outfit is a deluxe costume from Warner Bros and comes complete with the complete jumpsuit as well as the realistic built in face mask of bugs bunny himself … what’s up Doc!

This costume is grey, white and pink in color and comes in a variety of adult sizes for both men and women, it’s also fully machine washable. The main outfit/jumpsuit has a zipper up the back making it easy to slip in and out of as well as a big fluffy tail to show off to the other Halloween bunnies. The bugs bunny mask also looks great with it’s large bendable pink ears, bunny whiskers and attached white bunny like mittens.childrens bugs bunny costume

If the Bugs Bunny costume isn’t for you but for your kids then there are also a range of kids Bugs Bunny costumes available to buy as well. You can see a range of kids Bugs Bunny costumes here.

Make your kids happy this Halloween and dress them up in something to impress their friends. This official childs bugs bunny costume is fantastic for children of all ages and sizes, in fact this costume comes in so many sizes that it will suit any child between the age of 1 and 10 years of age.

Just like the adult costume, this bugs costume has a quality made grey outfit with a white front and white mitts, it also has attached rabbits feet shoes. The mask with this costume is even more realistic than you would expect, with very large pink bunny ears, big white goofy teeth and the classic round bugs bunny face.

This bugs bunny child costume is likely to make any child smile. So make sure you don’t delay and allow these great costumes to sell out this Halloween.

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pink bugs bunny toddler costumeIf you’re looking for a slight twist on the usual grey bugs bunny costume then why not try out the pink bunny costume instead? This pink bunny costume would make a great Halloween outfit with a difference, it has all of the great characteristics of the usual Bugs Bunny costume but this time it’s in a pink/purple color. This child bugs bunny costume is available in a range of sizes, this particular outfit will fit most toddlers and children from 2 to 8 years of age.

It’s big pink floppy ears and it’s large white teeth make this a fun and funky costume for kids this Halloween.

bugs bunny maskIf you’re not looking for a full costume but more for a cheap alternative way to dress your kids up as Bugs bunny this Halloween then why not get them a great looking Bugs Bunny mask. This mask is made from PVC and will be suitable for adults and children alike, it’s the perfect way to get yourself or your kids looking just like Bugs Bunny himself this year.

Getting Yourself Into Character As Bugs Bunny

When you’re dressing up as any character you should try to learn a little bit about the “ins” and “outs” of the character you’re trying to be, this will allow you to really get yourself into character so that you’re not just wearing the costume but you’re becoming the character.

The main things to understand about Bugs Bunny is that he’s a very happy and cheeky character who is always trying to avoid trouble, he usually succeeds. Usually all characters will have some sort of catch phrase, Bugs Bunny’s is “What Up Doc?”, so that’s something to keep in mind when trying to get into character.

One final thing to observe is the type of additional extras/props that the character you’re trying to be carries around with them. For example Elmer Fudd carries a gun and Bugs Bunny is always seen carrying a carrot.

A History Of The Bugs Bunny Character

Bugs Bunny is the fictional American cartoon character who has made appearances onto out television screens from all the way back into the last century. As one of the most popular cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny first appeared in Warner Bros cartoons back in 1940, making the lovable bunny rabbit a whopping 70 years of age.

He has seen many changes over the years, starting off as the un-named bunny in the cartoon ‘A Wilde Hare’ and going on through his 70 year history to come into many scrapes with multiple famous Disney characters including Elmer Fudd, Charlie Dog, Coyote, Big Bad Wolf and many many others.

Many have often argued about whether bugs’ is in fact a rabbit or a hare and although the signs point to him being a hare (big pink ears etc) many people still belive he is in fact a rabbit.

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